Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Musical Aid

People have been taking part in their musical experience since
time immemorial. The act of making music has a far reaching
and thoroughgo- ing and transformative effect which is
obtainable to anyone who takes part in music but the
therapeutic effect is different for the makers and listeners
of music. The original experience of expressing your feelings
and relaxation can only be achieved by making music. Everyone
of us except for hearing impaired can sing, hum, whistle and
make many other expressive and pleasing sounds. Different
types of sound waves are employed in accomplishing musical
experience to utmost satisfaction. They are an important
part of the underlying structure of music.

Music is an opportunity for everyone to go on a journey to a
place without any barrier and preconceptions. It has the
capacity to provide you the pleasure of a minivacation from
your usual mundane activities. Musical meditation has the
potential to relax, focus your attention, stop the inner
dialogue and open up a connection to a more fundamental state
of consciousness. This meditative state can be through
chanting and singing. This therapeutic meditative state is
also experienced when playing any musical instrument.

Human, being the inventive creatures from the very begining
began making special physical objects to expand the range of
the musical sounds that they could make which We now call
musical instruments. Earlier these musical devices were
simple and they allowed everyone to make music. More
elaborate musical instruments came into existence with the
change in our civilization.Though these new and refined
instruments have, expanded the range and type of musical
sound by increasing volume and diversity of scale, but the
very complexity of these instruments has limited the number
of those people who could actually enjoy playing them.

Once music making was open to everyone but with the advancement
in the technology in this field it has become the cradle of a
few who have the talent and dedication to master these difficult
modern instruments. Musicians have become professionals and the
rest of us unfortunately are an audience. It should be remembered
that contentment can be derived only when we participate
physically. There is a good news for music lovers specially the
players that the simple musical instruments on which earlier
peoples played with little effort, continue to exist in many
cultures. In order to learn playing music you have to enjoy
it by heart. Any worries, cares, problems will immediately
disappear with therapeutic aid of music you will feel clean,
relaxed and refreshed after you stop playing. The same is
experience with the listeners but the intensity is different.

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