Sunday, March 4, 2007

How to put 300 Songs On A Single CD-R

How to put 300 Songs On A Single CD-R

The following was written for those who have burned a regular audio CD before and to those who own basic computer skills:

Did you know it is possible to make an audio CD that has 300 tracks that plays in your car stereo, DVD player and and personal CD player?

It's actually pretty simple. Here is a brief "How To" that quickly explains what is required to accomplish this fun project.

Obtain a CD Burning Program

I use Nero Burning Rom when making my audio CD's. In addition to the massive audio CD making capabilities, this program will burn video, pictures and data. The interface easily guides you through the steps necessary for whatever CD burning task you want to perform.

Nero Burning Rom (free version)


You will also have to obtain the main ingredient which is the:


Find your Music

Find your music that you want on your CD and save them into one folder on your PC. If your music is on a music CD, then wait until you download, install, and run Nero Buring Rom to add your music.

Run Nero Buring Rom

After Nero is running navigate to the "SETTINGS" tab and select "ENCODE FILES". If your music CD is in the drive, the tracks will appear on your screen and just click "SELECT ALL" and the "GO". All tracks on the music CD will be encoded (compressed/squashed) to nearly nothing while still maintaining quality.

Use the encoded tracks on your audio CD...

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