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Music Jewelry Box - a Great Gift for Any Woman

Are you searching for a jewelry box for yourself or as a gift? Have you thought about buying a music jewelry box? These boxes make wonderful, memorable gifts. Here are some tips on how to find the best jewelry music boxes.

Popular music jewelry box designs

There is no standard design for a music jewelry box. Majority of these boxes are wooden music boxes, with the decorated lid. You can also find music boxes made of stained glass and other materials. Wooden jewelry boxes are usually made of pine, elm or burl-walnut. The top can be plain, but usually it is decorated with decals, fabric or tassels.

Very elegant are music jewelry boxes with hand painted and hand inlaid lids. These can be pricey, but they are well worth it. Floral inlays are the most popular. The surface of the wood can be matt-finish or gloss-finish. Most beautiful inlaid music jewelry boxes come from Germany and Italy. For example Reuge music boxes are of exceptional quality.

Another option is a music jewelry box, where you can insert a photo in the lid. This style makes your box very personal and can make an exceptional gift. These music boxes are also cheaper than inlayed ones.

The inside of your jewelry box is also important. It is usually lined in a soft velvet or silk. Some boxes have special holders for your rings, earrings and bracelets. If you have a lot of jewelry, look for boxes with several draws.

Finding the tune you like

Sometimes it is very frustrating - you have found the most beautiful music box that you fall in love with, but you don't care for the tune it plays. What can you do? If you found your box in online shop ask if it is possible to select a different tune. Many stores would agree, even though it would cost you extra. Some music box retailers let you select custom tunes from the list they provide. Look for shops that allow you to customize the music your box plays.

Where to look for your jewelry music box?

It is unlikely that any of your local shops or department stores will have a good selection of quality music boxes. Your best bet is to look online. There are many online stores that specialize on music boxes or all kinds or jewelry boxes.

Two other options are Amazon and Ebay. Amazon offers medium priced jewelry music boxes that can be excellent gifts. And on Ebay you can find hundreds of jewelry boxes, in all imaginable designs. Buying on Ebay can be a bit tricky, because sometimes sellers offer brand new items, while sometimes they sell used boxes in good condition. Make sure you pay attention to the item description.

You can also look at antique music jewelry boxes. These are very valuable for collectors. The best place to find them is Ebay. Often you see genuine antique music boxes at a price much lower than their real value.

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Antique Music Boxes - Buying Tips

Looking for a unique music box? What about an antique music box? You can find many antique music boxes that are still playing. Here are some tips on how to get a vintage music box.

First thing you need to worry about is if the box in a working condition or does it need repairs. Of course it is easier to buy a working music box, but you will pay more for it. If the box is not working, don't get discouraged. A music box is a delicate mechanism that can be easily damaged, but most damages usually can be repaired as well. You can actually find very good deals buying damaged antique music boxes and repairing them.

Types of antique music boxes

There are two types of old music boxes - disc and cylinder boxes. Cylinder boxes appeared on the market in the middle of 19th century, a little bit after musical watches. Majority of them were produced in Switzerland, so many people call them Swiss boxes. They were very rare and expensive items. Some cylinder music boxes were made in Czechoslovakia and France.

Then a disc music box came to the market. They were cheaper to manufacture, which significantly affected the price and made them very popular items. First company to release disc boxes was Symphonion. Other popular brands of antique music boxes are Polyphon and Regina.

Quite interesting items are antique music jewelry boxes. Since these can be used to store your jewelry, it would be a great pleasure to open your little box often and to hear a beautiful tune.

How much would it cost to repair an antique music box?

Actually, quite a lot. The problem is that people who can do a good job repairing an old music box are difficult to find. There are very few professionals. Another problem can be parts, most of them have to be handmade. Fixing an antique box would require getting different items often including comb work, cylinder repining, dampers, governors and mainsprings. So be prepared to pay a lot for the repair of your antique box. But on the bright side, after the it is repaired, its value will dramatically increase.

Best places to buy vintage music boxes

It is amazing how many antiques you can find online. There are online antique auctions and stores. And of course there is Ebay. That is probably the best place to look for deals on antique and vintage boxes. You can find very interesting items and get them at a very good price. When buying antiques on Ebay, look for sellers feedback score. Only buy from people that have a lot of feedbacks, most of them positive.

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Music and Relaxtion for Good Sleep

No matter rich or poor, old or young, man or woman, adult or child, no matter which cast, creed, race or color none of us can actually work properly without good night sleep. There are numbers of reasons of not getting good night sleep but most prominent are the ones, which are result of stress and tensions.

Heartburn, or drinking too much caffeine or alcohol is only other secondary reason of stress development and ultimately sleep disorder. Actually the quantity of sleep varies from person to person. On average human beings needs sleep for seven to eight hours per day.

But some may need lesser or even more. Being stress the basic and the only reason of sleep disorder, let's initially find out the reasons of stress. Stress could be because of concerns about work, school, health or family. This thinking activity can keep the mind too active and ultimately no source for relaxation.

Excessive boredom, prolonged illness can create stress. Depression can also led to stress. Basically depression is due to chemical imbalance in the brain and worries that accompany depression.

Music to relieve the stress

Sleep disorders caused due to stress has got the best remedy that is music. Many doctors and physiologists specifically state that Music could heal some vague problems concern to sleep.

Music can help an individual in various ways. It relieves stress; controls emotional responses; improves productivity; and can increase intellectual prowess. Music relieves stress in following ways:

1. Providing a predictable and secure environment by facilitating mental comfort.

2. Inducing feelings of well being in one self.

3. Decreasing physical mechanism, such as heart rate and respiration by calming.

4. Inducing first and then maintaining the relaxation once it occurs.

5. It brings the chaotic situations to order.

6. It helps to provide a break from frenetic activity.

7. Helps emotionally by putting enjoyment to life.

8. Helps to change mood from blue or blah to more upbeat.

9. Provides common grounds through shared music preferences

10. It helps to foster feelings of comfort and familiarity

11. Improves productivity by stimulating physical responses that results in feelings of more energy.

Importance of relaxation for sleep:

Relaxation is an important aspect in our lives as it helps to keep the stress levels down, and consequently improves health. Over work and deprivation can result in mental health problems, memory failure and even heart attack. Hence it's very much important for everybody to take at least 10 minutes a day to wind down.

Sleepless nights can be terrible when one's mind is buzzing with information and one desperately needs to sleep. Relaxation can greatly help one switch off so that one will be asleep within seconds. However there are many of us who finds it extremely hard to actually relax.

Some of the common hindrances that obstruct the path are not having enough time or mind wandering during relaxing. However, relaxation and sleep are of equal importance as both of them helps the body to function properly.

How to relax:

The feeling of relaxation is very is a simple practice and almost anyone can acquire it to relieve the stress and tension that stands between an individual and a richer and healthier life.

For quick relaxation meditation is an extremely helpful technique that works greatly. However, meditation only happens when the body reaches an amazing degree of maturity and after great effort has been made both in the physical and mental realms. It also helps in releasing muscular and mental tension accumulated in everyday life, leading to serenity and providing a glimpse of the enlightenment state, a state of constant awareness and meditation.

Other methods to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation are through breathing. In the real sense of the term breathing implies cosmic consciousness and the life force emanating from it through the medium of the will. Breadth is the chord that ties the soul to the body and whenever it ceases the body is just an inanimate corps and the nervous system no longer works and the mind is extinguished.

However it is vital to breathe in pure, refreshing air, then it is also essential that we should take in only pure, positive, and loving thoughts and emotions into our beings.

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Music For Healing, Relaxation, and Wellness

From a powerful national anthem to church hymns and classical masterpieces, music has always been able to evoke emotion, affect your mood, and influence the brain and body. Scientific studies throughout the years have proven how beneficial music can be both emotionally and physically. However certain types of music are better suited for healing than others. For example, you may find that while you truly enjoy rock music, this music may not be the most ideal music for your own emotional or physical needs.

Generally speaking, you want to search for music which is soft, soothing, and geared toward relaxation or meditation. Many classical music recordings have these qualities as do New Age compositions. You can even acquire music which is specially geared toward meditation, yoga, and other wellness programs. I highly recommend the music of Daniel Kobialka for all of your wellness and meditation needs. Mr. Kobialka's focus is the rejuvenative power of music. He has led didactic and interactive workshops and seminars, traveled the world bringing his violin virtuosity to hospitals from Beijing, China to Plainville Ohio, and recorded music for meditation and guidance with alternative healing pioneers including Joan Boreysenko and Bernie Siegel. "If you are seeking healing, inspiration or spiritual fulfillment, you will discover in Kobialka the transformative power of music," Larry Dossey, M.D.

Music has always been loved and embraced by the public, from catchy jingles that influence their purchases to cherished childhood songs that bring back a nostalgia for friendlier times. As such, it is no surprise that science, as well as medicine, have turned their attention to the therapeutic powers of music.

"Music, the undefined sounds of universal language," says Daniel Kobialka, "has the remarkable ability of speaking to each of us in a very personal and profound manner."

The many uses of music in therapeutic situations vary largely and may include, but are not limited to, motor skills, social/interpersonal development, cognitive development, self-awareness, and spiritual enhancement.

The idea of music as a tool for healing dates back to the beginnings of history, and some of the earliest notable mentions in Western history are found in the writings of ancient Greek philosophers.

Robert Burton wrote in the 16th century in his classic work, The Anatomy of Melancholy, that music and dance were critical in treating mental illness, especially melancholia (depression).

Using music and sound for healing is not yet a mainstream practice, however many groups have already begun to implement music therapy to their advantage. For example, some schools have initiated programs including music to benefit their student's learning abilities. They have begun to hire therapists or other specialists who use music to strengthen nonmusical areas such as communication, physical coordination, teamwork, or even math.

If this article still hasn't convinced you of the value of music for healing, consider the case of Dr. Michael J. Crawford and his colleagues, who in November 2006, again found that music therapy helped the outcomes of Schizophrenic patients.

His study showed conclusive evidence of the value of music in healing therapies. His November 2006 study included a total of 115 patients. Of these 115 patients, 81 of these were were subjected to various music therapies. Multiple methods of analysis demonstrated a trend towards improved symptom scores among those which were subjected to healing music therapy, especially in the area of reducing symptoms of schizophrenia. They further concluded that the effects as well as cost-effectiveness of music therapy for acute psychosis should be further investigated in further trials.

As you can see, there is a strong case for the value of music in everyday wellness as well as for your health and even to assist in the care of specific ailments. You can use music as a wellness method in your own home in a variety of ways, such as setting aside 15 minutes when you wake up in the morning and before bed at night to listen to relaxing music and calm your mind. You may also wish to listen to healing music on an mp3 player or CD player while you work during the day, if it is possible in your workplace to do so, or if you work from home. You can also play soothing, healing music for your pets or to even calm down and relax a baby!

Music can be used in such a large variety of ways for healing both our bodies and minds that you simply can't go wrong by listening to this type of music! Even if your normal playlist includes rock, country, or even rap, you too can appreciate the benefits given by listening to relaxation music. There are such a large variety of styles, instruments, and cultural influences available in healing music that you can usually find something to suit everyone. So give music healing a try and start feeling the benefits today!

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Free Music Video Downloads

Listening to all of your favorite songs whenever you want is always exciting. No more having to wait for it to be played on the radio or have to go out and buy the whole CD for just one particular song. When you can download all of your favorite songs for free it just makes it that much better. What if you could download the music videos to all of your favorite songs for free and add to the excitement every time you listen to the song? In this article I'll discuss some of the best places to find free music video downloads and why some free music video download sites are better than others.

I wrote, not all sites are going to be capable of good quality free music video downloads. Some are going to allow you to preview the first 30 seconds of a song, while other sites allow you to watch only one song, then you must become a member to view more. However, there are sites out there that allow you to download good quality videos for free.

One of the bigger downsides to free video downloads is that most places only allow you to watch the video and not save it to a file to view later. Yes, you can view it anytime you want by simply clicking on the video and having it load in about 15 seconds. However, if there is a certain list of songs you would like to observe, then you'll have to search through the site to find them as oppose to having them all saved in a library.

Another downside to free music video downloads is the fact that most sites contain only popular artists and songs, so the unknown bands may be harder to find videos for. This is not to say that the selection is small, but it is limited to more of the current hot hits.

One of the more common and well known sites to find free music video downloads is at For this site they have it set up with six different categories that you can click on. As you click on one of the categories it brings up the top six videos under that category currently, then you are able to browse all the videos for that category if you please. Or to make things easier, they have a place where you can simply search for a specific video.

If you were to conduct a search for free music video download sites on google, there are about 131 million different sites or pages connected to this phrase. So as you can see there are several different places to look for the videos, it's just up to you to find them. The one I have provided would be a good one to start at, but feel free to broaden your horizon and begin searching for the sites to find your favorite music videos for free.

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Download Mp3 Music Safely

DON'T Download JUNK! Make sure your download mp3 music is a quality mp3 and that your music download doesn't have hidden downloads that will not only ruin your search for great music but will annoy you and invade your privacy.

Here are the four hidden downloads most free music sites install on your computer when you download mp3s.

1.Spyware is almost always contained in mp3 freeware and shareware downloads. The spyware gathers information and monitors the activities you perform, unbeknown to you.
2.Adware is also contained in these mp3 download networks. Your computer can and probably will be stuffed with a huge amount of intrusive advertising.
3.Pornography is very prevalent on the Internet. Be very aware that porn peddlers disguise their software as the latest free mp3 download or game demo to redirect your modem to porn sites.
4.Spoofing is when download mp3 networks are filled with fake files. For example, if you download what you think is a popular mp3 song, you will get the same ten seconds of the song over and over again.
So in your hunt to download mp3 and create your own library of music, be selective of which music download site you use. There are many to choose from but few that offer privacy protection, online service, tech help, spyware-free and adware-free downloads, as well as a large library of quality mp3s.

Things have come a long way with regards of how we listen to our favorite music. It's as easy as a push of a button with digital music.

Knowing where to start, how you want to listen to your music and what you want to do with it, is the first step. When you download mp3 files from online music services, you need to know what they allow you to do. Some songs are just for listening to, some can be downloaded, and some can be burned to a CD or a portable music player.

A few owners of certain artists publishing rights will not grant the license rights, which means some mp3's are not available for downloading.

The majority of the time, you'll find what you're looking for because the larger download MP3 subscription music web sites have access to the catalog of the Five Big Labels Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, and BMG, which account for about 80% of recorded music.

So now that you have the facts on how to download mp3s, do some research for quality music download sites, take advantage of any Free Trials, download lots of music, turn up the volume and dont forget to Sing Along!

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Free, Legal Music Online

Almost everyone has heard about the massive crack down on Internet music piracy that has been occurring over the past few years. Napster was taken down (although it has now returned as a pay service), other file sharing programs now require users to pay for a license and the RIAA and other similar organizations are doing their best to hunt down copyright offenders and put an end to their crime sprees. The consumers on the other hand argue that their actions hurt nobody, that there is no damage done to anyone by their not buying an album. Furthermore, they claim, MP3s allow them to sample a CD before purchasing it, thus actually helping sales.

I'm not here to argue the pros and cons. Basically it's not worth it, as neither side of the argument will ever see the opposition's point of view. What I'd like to do is take a look at the completely free and legal alternative to 'stealing' music. Those wonderfully talented musicians who are willing to put their creations online to download for free, solely for the joy of spreading their creations to the masses.

Free music is surprisingly easy to come by, even music by famous bands. Sometimes it needs to be 'streamed' from the Internet, meaning that you can only listen to a song while you're online, but with the ever-growing popularity of broadband Internet this is really no longer a problem. Sites such as and provide free music by almost any band you can think of, although there is a large amount of it that has to be streamed and not downloaded. A search for 'free legal MP3 downloads' will reveal a huge number of pages to visit.

For something specific, try visiting the artist's website, or the site of their record label. These will often offer a few sample tracks to download for free. It's not quite as convenient as having access to every song that you want, but it's not a bad alternative.

But how about we forget about the mainstream for just a while and move towards the alternative? Towards the hopefuls, the talented bands that have yet been 'noticed'. There are a huge number of these smaller bands out there that are sticking their stuff online for any and all to listen to, just so that they can be heard. These can be easier to find, because most MP3 sites will be filled with these smaller acts. A great place to start is or the aforementioned

The great thing about smaller bands is that you can often find bands that come from your local area and then go and see them play live. Being able to see a favourite band live more than once a year (or lifetime) without expending huge amounts of money and time is pretty cool. Many music search engines will let you search for bands of a particular genre in a particular area, which makes it all quite easy.

A fairly major contributor to the online music scene is the remixer. These people take other tunes and redo them, usually in a techno style because one person can do this competently. Chief among the tunes selected to be remixed are those old ditties that used to play through the simplest of sound chips on aging consoles: the video game theme songs. People now go and grab the main tune line from an old favourite and fill it out, making real the work our imaginations used to do for us to turn the single tone melodies into orchestral masterpieces. A few good places to start are and as well as a personal favourite band

I hope this has given you something to think about. It's not hard to come across illegal MP3 rips, in fact it's often hard to avoid them, but if you give the free music scene a look you may find something completely different and new that will really do it for you. With web hosts already being penalized hugely for illegal content being stored on their servers (having an entire server taken down because of one inconsiderate user is damaging and irritating beyond belief) and moves being made to charge ISPs for the content being accessed by their users, it makes more sense than ever to get out there and grab yourself an awesomely original and completely legal music collection.

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Build Your Own Musical Instrument: Save Big

Have you ever wanted to build your own musical instrument? If so, you are not alone. You have many options when building an instrument. You can build a traditional instrument using parts you've purchased or scrapped from existing instruments. You can take a traditional concept for an instrument and add your own take. Then, of course, you could also take a whole different approach and create an original instrument. This guide is not intended to tell you what to build, it will simply offer some advice on how to go about it.

Getting Started

The very first thing you should do is decide what type of instrument you plan to build. You can choose a woodwind, brass, string, percussion, or electronic instrument. Either way, making that decision is the best first step because that will limit the types of supplies you will need. After deciding what you want to build, you should get a tool kit that matches your preferences. Then, you should look for the types of parts you think you will need.

If you are going to make a simple instrument like a drum, then you won't need to buy many things. However, if you are going for something more complex, like a new style of guitar, you should buy a low cost used guitar to scrap it for parts. Additionally, you should look for low-cost parts in the classifieds section of a newspaper or at a used instrument shop.

Finally, think of this as a learning instrument or starter instrument: a high quality instrument is not as important as a high quality concept. Once you have experience in instrument building, then you can consider using more expensive parts.

Building an Inexpensive Musical Instrument

It is crucial to keep this hobby as affordable as possible. You do not want to commit yourself to too much financially because you may regret it. Additionally, if the instrument you create doesn't work right, then you will lose money on the deal. The cheaper the instrument is that you build, the more money you will have to build a better version of it when you know what you're doing.

Tips and Advice

Here are some general things to keep in mind when designing your instrument. First, make sure your instrument has tuning capabilities; that way you can make true notes without any serious conversion. Second, it might be a good idea to have a keyboard on-hand so you can compare the notes your instrument creates to real musical notes. Third, make sure that your instrument has a practical application - don't build an instrument that you couldn't use in a band or solo performance.

Finally, have a great time. When you take on a hobby like this, your intention should be to have fun and create something that you can call your own. Do not take on instrument building as a hobby if you have any reason to believe that you might not like it, because there are plenty of other things you can do for a hobby. Keep your options, and your mind, open every step of the way.

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Finding an inexpensive musical instrument for your young student or yourself can be a fairly easy task with a few simple pointers. For articles, tips and resources that will make it a lark, visit us at:

How to Write Music and Where to Begin

Despite my somewhat underwhelming reputation in the music business, I have been asked on occasion – usually by woefully uninformed novices – how to write music. Wow, this is kind of a heavy topic, I mean so many ways to address it. In order to save you from the unintelligible ramblings of someone who is not the most brilliant music theoreticians, I will skillfully side-step the technical aspects and move into the more esoteric aspects of writing good music.

Why are guys like Lennon and McCartney, Page and Plant and Sir Elton and Bernie Taupin so successful? I find that it’s because you have in these relationships the consummate lyricist and the consummate musician existing side-by-side. If Morrison was the poet, then Manzarek, Krieger and Densmore were the guys who set that poetry to music and they would not have been The Doors without that combination. It helps to know what you’re stronger in. I, for example have worked with pretty fair lyricists and some good musicians, and I find that I definitely fit in the lyricist category. I once heard The Edge of U2 comment that most of their songs were written on one string. That’s my philosophy, and I’m not being entirely facetious in that. I can see the logic that a “music” writer goes through in developing a song, but for the life of me, I have not been able to replicate that in my own dabblings. Realizing your own limitations is half the battle. There are some extraordinary people who are capable of writing both music and lyrics, but these are few and far between (and what is “… the pompitous of love” anyway). Find what you are good at and make that, either writing music or lyrics, your primary mission. That’s not to say that you should not do both, at least as an exercise in perspective. I think it’s extremely valuable to stretch yourself on a personal and professional basis, but it’s my opinion that you stand a better chance of scoring success long term by finding a philosophical Yin to your Yang. And it need not be only one person either. Many successful songs have been written as part of a group effort.

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s important to have a process in place for you to be productive. When I first realized that I would have to get a real job to put food on the table after college, I went into the information technology field. Now anyone who has worked in this area knows that they are really big on developing repeatable processes so that once they’ve successfully done something, they can keep going back to do it the same way. As an artist at heart, I rebelled against this notion. “It thwarts the creativity process,” I railed. Well, turns out that they may have been on to something. While having things too tightly structured may be a hindrance to creativity, having a set way of going about songwriting in general may be a great help. For example, let’s say you are a California band and you really want to emulate the Eagles, so you go into the studio with the mindset that you’re going to write a Southern rock song in 4/4 time only using this standard set of chords. Chances are, you’re going to be a pretty boring band. But, if you go into it saying, this is the style of music I feel comfortable with, we’re going to come in every day at 8:00 a.m., whether we feel like it or not, write until lunchtime, whether what we write is any good or not, and then after lunch write for a couple of more hours. By building that habit of writing at a certain time, for a certain amount of time, you’re creating a process that will produce consistently good songs with some flashes of brilliance. The reason is not because the process itself makes you any better, but it does produce a considerable amount of work that lets you get your ideas down on paper. Later you can separate the wheat from the chaff, and you won’t feel rushed to turn out a masterpiece in a day to fill in that last spot on the CD.

That in a nutshell is what I tell those who ask me for advice on writing music. When I reflect on what else I could have told them I keep coming back to the same conclusion, that if I had gotten down to the nuts and bolts of lyricism and musical structure, it really would not have helped much. All of the knowledge in the world will not help you if you do not have that spark. There’s a certain intuitiveness to songwriting that no one can teach. It’s the same reason that I don’t write music very well. I know chords, scales, structure and theory, but putting it all together escapes me. So I putter along and if I come up with an interesting progression, I go to my friend Steve and he takes it and runs with it. When he’s done, he gives the finished product back to me and I add the lyrics. It’s a system that works well, and although we’ll never be famous, we have fun, because each of us knows our unique gift, and we’ve learned how to use them together.

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Kenny Auyoung: - Looking for a band? Search through thousands of musician’s profiles to find the right band members in your local area. Find musicians, start a band, and play music -

The Pop Music Names

The songs of the early fifties generally had light melodies, sweet lyrics and wholesome singers. Innocent and inoffensive "feel-good" tunes, performed by artists like Pat Boone, Rosemary Clooney and Perry Como dominated the pop charts. Major Record Companies decided to abandon the majority of black race records and their black audience, creating an opportunity for Independents such as Sam Phillips’ Sun Label or Chess Records to sign them up.

Artists like Bill Haley and the Comets adapted the work of the Black artists to come up with their own sound. The music's solid rhythm and heavy back beat inspired new forms of dancing. Soon there were stars - Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Carl Perkins. Due to the prejudices of the times, Disc Jockey Alan Freed coined the name "rock and roll," ironically using a term that was slang for sex in the Black community at that time. Its initial appeal was to middle class white teenagers who soon came to feel it was their own. In this era, so called ‘race music’ was largely censured by America's white establishment as being too rebellious, sexual and anti-social to be acceptable.

If Rock and Roll was formed from a fusion between Black music and White entrepreneurship, then the foremost of the fair-skinned founding fathers must be Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Their writing genius, combined with the kinetic energy of Elvis made Rock and Roll history by recording Hound Dog, and Elvis Presley became a household name.

There were also scandals (i.e. The Payola Scandal which would lead to the demise of the career of Alan Freed) in the early days' which did nothing to foster either parental or governmental confidence in the new music. Near the end of the decade, a plane crash killed Buddy Holly and also took the lives of Richie Valens and The Big Bopper. Since all three were so prominent at the time, February 3, 1959, became known as ‘The Day The Music Died.’

Female vocal groups began to produce songs that mixed Doo-wop harmonies with Rhythm and Blues music. Most notable were The Shirelles, The Marvelettes, and The Crystals who flourished during the early 1960’s.

By 1962 ‘The Brill Building’ in Broadway, New York had housed over 165 music businesses and more significantly hosted Don Kirshner and his star collection of songwriters, (Carole King / Gerry Goffin, Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield, and Barry Mann / Cynthia Weil). Record Producer Phil Spector was churning out unique classics by artists like The Ronettes, The Righteous Brothers and finally Ike and Tina Turner with his legendary ‘Wall of Sound’.

In the 1950’s Britain an independent musical culture developed.

Liverpool produced the Merseybeat sound led by The Beatles, taking the British charts by storm in 1963, while in London the Rolling Stones heralded a boom in the British Rhythm and Blues that included the Animals from Newcastle, Spencer Davis from Birmingham and scores more.

Folk inspired artists, like The Byrds, and even America’s most influential contemporary performer Bob Dylan also turned to sound of the Beatles for new direction. The quintessential Californian group, The Beach Boys, helped fly the flag for Surf Music.

Black Soul Music (containing the beat of Rhythm and Blues combined with the exuberance of Gospel), may have been overshadowed in the media but it still made a indelible impression. Between them, they had all the early soul stars of note, including The Drifters, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.

‘The Godfather of Soul’, James Brown, through the rest of the '60s dispensed with melodies in favour of chunky rhythms, horn interplay and scratching guitar giving a whole new sound which would become essential ingredients of what is known as Funk. Weird lyrics and music that seemed to have few rules and less form: names like The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and the The Doors became synonymous with meditation, levitation and drugs.

By then America began to worship the posturing and volume of what became known as Heavy Metal. Pioneered by Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Jeff Beck and culminated by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple, the term ‘Heavy Metal’ was characterised by heavy guitar riffs/ostinato, a high register male vocal and more punch particularly in the lower frequencies of the bass drum and bass guitar.

Britain started the 1970’s pointing towards a hybrid known as ‘Glam-rock’, which produced Marc Bolan, David Bowie, and groups such as Slade and The Sweet. Their theatrical style of dress (which consisted of heavy make-up and women’s clothes) further emphasised the sartorial overkill of Psychedelia.

The advance in technology would give birth to a genre of Progressive rock groups such as Genesis and Yes, followed by E.L.O., Supertramp, Queen, and 10cc – The recording process itself had become much more sophisticated and the expansion of multitracking enabled artists to isolate each instrument and use a myriad of multi-layered harmony vocals creating an orchestral sound which would give these bands their trademark.

Bob Marley and the Wailers introduced Reggae and Ska to the international community after being signed to London’s Island Records. (Reggae is a Jamaican form of Rhythm and Blues with accents on the half beats.)

When this music reached their Jamaican counterparts, then residing within New York's inner-city neighbourhoods in the Bronx and Brooklyn, it gave birth to what is now known as Rap, or Hip Hop.
Another scene to emerge from its underground existence in New York was the dance 70’s phenomenon known as Disco. Disco began as far back in the sixties with the Motown sound, but it came in a rapid in the early and mid-seventies when extended versions of the popular songs were played in the city’s gay clubs.

Rock music has always been the rallying call of rebellious youth, and in 1977 the Anarchic Punk generation produced disenchanted Britons like The Sex Pistols and The Clash.

In 1981 the music scene underwent a significant change. Technological developments in the form of Music Television, and the compact disc, changed the music world in a way that a different approach was necessary.

The Boom of Synth-Pop and New Romanticism spawned Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club.

Michael Jackson dominated the music world with his 1982 release 'Thriller'. During a time when MTV made headway, Jackson adapted to this and accompanied his single-releases with videos of high quality. Another artist to achieve Megastardom in a similar way was Madonna. Her popularity was also achieved by the way she challenged the mainstream on issues as race, gender, sexuality, and power.

Def Jam label artists Run DMC and the Beastie Boys mixed heavy metal guitars rather than the usual funk and disco samples for an aggressive impact that helped the first Rap album to reach a number one chart position.

The dance phenomenon was to emerge from the holiday resort of Ibiza. It would enter the UK as Acid House (The Culture associated with the drug Ecstasy.) and transmogrify into the 90’s genres, Trance and Rave. (Music was created by repeating monotonous rhythmic patterns that could go on and on.)

The 90’s followed the avaricious 80’s with a softer sound - Country Music. At the other end of the musical spectrum, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden took the raw sound of American Grunge music and slapped it screaming onto radios everywhere. By the mid 90s, a new crop of young British bands influenced by the Manchester Indie scene (The Stone Roses, and the Happy Mondays) rediscovered the Beatles, giving birth to Britpop. The biggest-selling British export of the 90’s was the Spice Girls, who kick-started a resurgence in Teen Pop music.

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Sharon White is a senior writer and writers’ consultant in" title="literature term paper"> literature term paper writing. Get some useful tips for" title="dissertation guide"> dissertation guide and research paper writing.

Music Promotional Ideas: An Email List

What is the use for a website if no one ever comes to it? There is no use for one. People keep telling you to get a site and get a page, do this and do that. But one of the most important things you can do for your site and for your music is build a solid, opt-in email list because it will be one of your best musician resources.

First of all, what is an opt-in list? Well, it is exactly as it sounds. It is a list of email addresses that you have collected by having people choose join the list. And really, they are a part of a growing list of fabulous music promotional ideas. This list needs to be a priority to you and needs to constantly grow in order for it to be successful.

Let's say you want to let all your fans know that you have an upcoming show or that you are releasing a new album. Well, bam! If you already have your opt-in list up and going then all you have to do is create the PR or announcement and hit send. In five seconds you have just reached every single one of your fans on the list. If you have been searching for ideas on how to promote your CD then you have found your new tool.

So, how do I build this list? That's an easy answer. You need to designate a spot on your page where people can sign up with they visit your site. Collect as much information as possible so you can personalize emails if needed. You can also have people put there email addresses on pieces of paper at your gig. Ask existing friends and fans to forward your emails to other friends that may be interested in hearing from you. Your fans will always know how to promote your CD.

You can also get people to your site to opt-in by offering free stuff. I mean, who can say no to free stuff? Since you aren't a millionaire...yet, you can offer free MP3 downloads of your songs or other creative, low cost things such as posters or pictures. Just be creative with your music promotional ideas. If you get the people to your site then you have won half the battle.

The Internet is your gateway to success. And building an opt-in list will bring you one step closer to that success. Keep your fans informed with newsletters, freebies, show schedules and album release dates. Put a music player on your site as well so your fans can listen to your tunes with surfing the net. Just remember to always keep up with your list and personalize your emails as much as possible to keep it real.

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Ty Cohen, owner of Platinum Millennium publishing, former record label owner & national music industry seminar speaker/panelist. Author & creator of best-selling music biz books, courses, audio products & "How to" resources that helped 1000s.Visit for more information on Music Promotional Ideas, How to Promote Your CD & Musician Resources.

Music For iPods – How to Find Quality Music

Music for iPods can be made to sound even better than it is today. iPod is one of the best electronic gadgets ever created in this generation, and it has been the companion of all too many people, young and old, working adults or schooling kids. Even grandmas and granddads are learning to listen to music from this little MP3. We really need to do justice to our favorite toys by feeding them with the best music for iPods. So how do you ensure the music you are putting into your iPod is of the finest quality?

Nowadays, it is easy to access legal music for iPods at online music stores such as iTunes, EMusic, etc. There are probably dozens of other online stores for local labels or international record labels. You have the choice of downloading a song from the whole album, without having to actually buy the whole CD like you used to do. Some even come with monthly or annual subscriptions offering you great convenience to return to download another song as and when you come across a favorite hit. Other than that, you may love to rip songs off your old CDs and sync them to your iPod.

No matter whether you download or rip and transfer your music for iPods, the answer to music with crystal clear sharpness lies with the music converter. With this wonderful software, you can take any audio file and transform it from a relatively poor quality sound piece into a great piece of music for iPods. You need to bear in mind that not all music and songs are created in the same quality since they come in different formats such as WAV, WAV (PCM), WMA, AAC, Vorbis, OGG, ATRAC, MP3, MP2 or another audio format. The music converter takes the music and converts it into beautiful music for iPods.

Click on a few icons on the software is what you need to convert your music video or music files you have downloaded for your iPod. Many convertors now come packed with the fastest conversion technology and advanced audio editing features. You can even be creative about adding some extra bass or tempo to your tunes. In short, be a music editor and customize your music for iPods within your own home so that you can have the finest quality of music.

Find out how to get instant quality music for iPods from my blog and enhance your listening pleasure.

The content of this article is provided for the purpose of education and illustration only and is in no way associated with Apple, iTune, or any company or subsidiary of Apple. This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The name of the author, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

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The Sheffield Live Music Scene

You would expect a city with a large university student population to have some dance clubs and other live music venues that cater to a young crowd. To say that about Sheffield is an extreme understatement. The vibrant live music scene in the city has been the soundtrack to life for citizens of Sheffield for over 30 years.

Past and present Sheffield musicians have enjoyed great success. Names from the not too distant past include Joe Cocker, Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, Def Leppard, The Human League to name a few. More recently the Arctic Monkeys, Pink Grease, and The Long Blonds are very popular in and outside of Sheffield. The live music venues, such as clubs, pubs, halls, and stadiums fill the air with music, and vibrate the cities streets with a baseline.

So many talented acts come from Sheffield that is seems an odd coincidence. Perhaps something in the water that helps vocal cords develop, not likely, but something has to explain the large volume of musicians coming out of this fairly small area. Well, it’s not that big of a mystery.

It seems that in the early 1980s when the steel industry was on a down turn, someone on the Sheffield City Council heard about the big money involved in music. The multi-million dollar incomes of rock stars looked like an attractive way to bring a lot of money into the city. By 1982, a year that saw double-digit unemployment rates and 20,000 jobs lost, the City Council decided to do something about it by producing a few rock stars of their own.

It may not have occurred quite that way, but the fact is, the council got involved in the music business. They figured out that to have a great income producing music scene several things were needed. An infrastructure for the music industry was necessary, so the Council began funding projects related to music. A recording studio was needed to attract top acts and lot of live music venues were needed to showcase the local talent.

Sheffield City Trust owns Sheffield International Venues and operates Hallam FM Arena, and Sheffield City Hall to name a few of the 13 venues for music, sports, and entertainment. (SVI) Sheffield International Venues vision is to promote Sheffield as an international and cultural centre point for sport, leisure and entertainment, something they have been quite successful at doing since 1988.

Red Tape Studios is a training site for Sheffield City Council. It offers training to people interested in careers in the music business. Band Development, Band and Artist management, Music Technology, Music Business Courses and even DJ training courses are available. Because these courses are part of a local government backed system, they are competitively priced and the program really helps promote the music scene in Sheffield.

Of course the City Council offers other training units. Aspiring caterers, (if there is such a thing) can train at Sheaf Training alongside aspiring construction workers and customer service representatives. Tritec Computer Training is the City Council’s IT training ground and every city has at least one of these. The fact that the city recognizes and promotes popular music is just so surprising, and what’s more exciting and surprising is how well it works.

That answers the question how one small area can produce so many talented musicians. Not really a mystery, it’s more of a plan. Council backing is only a small part of the music scene however, and the venues that have been committed to growing the live music scene for the past twenty five or thirty years deserve much of the credit as well.

The Leadmill celebrated its silver anniversary in 2005, and has grown from a derelict flour mill in a rundown part of the city during the last stages of the steel industry’s demise. Unemployment and hopelessness was the consensus among young people at the time. A group of volunteers, students, artists, and unemployed people, who described themselves as “insane but likable” came together to set up a centre for arts and music for people like themselves who had nowhere to go.

The Leadmill has grown into a landmark, and the live music has grown legendary. The opening in 1980 of what was a performing arts center with jazz, pop bands, theatre, education workshops, and club nights began a tradition of live music that venues the world over have tried to emulate. The “insane but likable” founders turned out to be visionaries, except when they turned down a strange young blonde girl for a gig in 1983 who turned out to be Madonna. But who would have thought a club where the toilets backed up onto the dance floor would do so well. It’s not the bricks and mortar, but the bands and the experiences of the people who have been there time and time again that are memorable. The Leadmill is a launching pad for stars in the music business, and the place to see up and coming musicians in Sheffield.

The Leadmill is of course not the only famous live music venue in town, and is just one of the great live venues. There is a club in Sheffield for whatever your taste is. Live Music, DJ & MC stuff, techno, synthpop, indiepoppunk, and whatever other combinations of music are left over are represented somewhere in the city. Starting from a forward thinking city council and bright young people who love music, the city of Sheffield has been producing musicians like other cities produce butchers for the past 30 years.

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Music Contracts the Easy Way

Were you aware that you don't have to be a lawyer to write or create your own music business contracts? As a musician, it is understandable that you may not fully understand the business side of the music industry and that is all right. Even if you are starting your own record label, this is not at all uncommon. Luckily, there are solutions for those people who cannot afford hundreds, even thousands of dollars, just to have lawyers write all of their recording contracts. This is in addition to solutions for people who have no idea how to write music contracts.

Whether you own a record label or are working on getting signed to one, you have come to the right place. Legal fees are entirely too expensive, especially if you are just starting out. I mean, you can always write your lawyer an I.O.U. or have your lawyer recover their fees when you start generating profits. But who wants to do this? It is like giving away your money! And giving it away just to have some music contracts written for hundreds of dollars, when you could go about this using a much cheaper method. It doesn't make sense.

Using the services of a lawyer when handling music business contracts could amount to thousands of dollars. Do you have the money to deal with that? Most people starting out in the music business do not. You now have the option of purchasing hundreds of pre-written music contracts and recording contracts online. This is a fantastic route to take because it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

The types of music contracts that you may need are for your Record Company, Management Team, Recording Artist, Agents, Producers, Songwriters and Publishers, just to name a few. Purchasing iron-clad, industry standard pre-written music contracts and recording contracts is the best way to go if you want to save money but protect your company or your career at the same time.

You are in complete control of your career or business in the music industry. Stay that way! Don't throw away thousands of dollars on lawyer's fees for something that you can take care of yourself. By purchasing a wide variety of standard music business contracts, you will be on your way to saving money on legal fees and handling your business the way you want it handled. Don't pass up the opportunity to save hard-earned money and put it to better use. Author Resource:- Former owner of an independent label, owner of Platinum Millennium Pub. & music industry seminar speaker/panelist. Also the author & creator of 40 + best-selling "How to" resources, that have helped 1000s find their way in the music biz.

To Compose Music, First Learn To Improvise

One of the greatest motivators of learning to play an instrument for most people is the thought of being able to compose their own music, to take their talent to a new level, and use their music to express their inner feelings. The first step to take to learn how to compose your own music is to learn the art of improvising. The good news is that it isn't as hard as you think.

The sad thing about learning improvisation, is that many people put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they must first learn to master chords, notes, read music, and be able to play other peoples music well, before they can get onto the more important task of creating their own masterpieces. The result of these thoughts usually ends with the person becoming so caught up in getting everything right that they feel afraid to improvise, and compose simply because they fear getting it wrong, or creating something that sounds terrible.

Why Improvisation Is Important

Improvisation is vital to a musician, because it is a lesson taught in creativity, and it develops an ear for hearing music on a whole new level, and copying it. For those who want to learn to compose, creativity is the most important aspect of being a composer, it is even more important than knowing keys, notes, chords, or even reading music itself.

Improvisation at its greatest can be found in jazz music. If you want to learn about improvisation, be sure to listen to some of the classic jazz. Jazz is the type of music that was mostly improvised, and added to. It was rarely played to a set out strict music sheet, but evolved as it was being played, and only got better each time the musician played it.

How To Improvise

Improvisation is nothing more than experimentation, and creativity. We all have those two things. Don't be fooled into thinking that, in order to improvise, you must first know all of the chords, or notes used to play your instrument. Improvisation can be started off as early as when you have learned your first couple of notes, or chords.

The best way to use improvisation is to experiment with the chords or notes as you are learning them. If you are taking lessons, use some your practice time to try out different chord, or note combinations. Try anything you like, experiment. Improvisation is all about learning the art of non-conformity to the average style of music, and how to learn to use your creative talents to make an expression of yourself.

How To Deal With The Internal Critic

Everyone's a critic, but we are our own worst critic. Most people are afraid to try new and different things simply because they are afraid to fail. The first time that you improvise, you will probably sound terrible, and maybe even the second time, too. This isn't failing, this is learning. As you get better at playing your instrument, you will also get better at improvising. If you start off learning how to improvise early, you will only get better at it as you learn more chords, or notes. By starting to improvise early on, you will never be concerned about when the right time to start improvising is, simply because right now is the best time to start.

Don't be afraid of what other people will think, either. If you are afraid of someone criticizing your first attempts at improvising, just play your instrument when nobody is around, until you are more confident, and ready to share your music with others.

Taking Improvisation Into A Musical Composition

Once you have mastered improvisation, it is only a small step to take it to the next level, which is creating music of your own. Once again, composing music is a lot like improvisation, and to master it you need to be creative, and understand that it may not sound perfect at first. But with a little creativity and some tweaking, you have the potential to make the music in your head come to life through your instrument.


Composing is nothing more than letting yourself be creative, and letting that creativity to make your music unique. You don't have to be able to play as well as Mozart to start to improvise, and from there begin to compose music. Mozart started out just like you, improvising, learning, and then composing. So let your creative talents flow, and remember that you don't have to get it right every time. But you do have to want to succeed. Author Resource:- Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of, a site that provides information and articles for musicians at all stages of their development.

Unlimited Music Downloads - Be Well Informed

Unlimited music downloads have been made available at online major music stores. You can now download music legally at giants like iTunes and EMusic. Such online stores offer millions of music and song tracks. In most cases, it costs anything between 99 cents to a dollar or more to download each piece of music. Many other competing sites have surfaced offering even better deals, such as lifetime memberships which gives one the entitlement to unlimited music downloads. Let us go on a walk through on these online music stores and try to comprehend why these sites could become the future of online music.

Unlimited music downloads sites carry millions of sound tracks and music MP3s for download onto your PC or MP3 player. It is reported that more than 1 million users worldwide are downloading online music at these sites at any point of time. This speaks volume of how well received these services are. The following are some things you should be looking out for when downloading music.

1. Affordable Pricing

These sites operate on a lifetime membership model. This is more affordable than most music stores and even teens can afford them. Never pay more than 60 dollars for such a service as this is the industry standard.

2. Unlimited Music Downloads and Other Media Files

Since these sites run on P2P file sharing networks, make sure that you get the best out of the deal with a site that offers practically all the music and song files that are ever produced. The site must not only give you unlimited music downloads but preferably music videos, movies, audio books, etc. This would of course depend on how good the P2P search client is. Good P2P download sites provide the best software to perform deep searches into Bitorrent, Gnutella, Limewire, Shareza, Bearshare and other major networks.

3. Downloading Experience

This can be measured in terms of the downloading speed, user software features, safe download environment, instruction manuals and customer support. There are sites which are always overloaded and slow download speeds can be expected. Some software interfaces provided are clumsy and difficult to navigate. Others do not even put in effort to give customers easy to read manuals. Still there are some where customer support is practically non-existent. Avoid these at all costs. Fortunately, this is just a handful of black sheep as there are other sites that outperform in every aspect mentioned.

As you can see, though being able to download unlimited music is tempting, diving straight into any download site would not be wise. Take an afternoon off, spend some time doing some read up on these sites, or even contact them if you have any query. Author Resource:- Davion is a successful webmaster and author. Learn where you can have instant access to unlimited music downloads - all your favorite hits, latest music videos, MP3s and more at

How To Download Music To Your PSP Without Breaking A Sweat

The Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) is the latest revolutionary multimedia player released by Sony. This is a unit which can be used for all your entertainment needs as you can play movies, music, games and browse the internet using it. There is no need of buying any discs or files for your music needs on the PSP. It is possible to PSP download music from the internet for your listening pleasure.

To download music to the PSP, you first have to check if the music you intend to download on the PSP is an mp3 or mp4 file. This is because if the music that you choose is not in the proper format, you have to convert the music and video files to the right format before you can actually play them on the PSP.

There is a useful program, called the ImTOO PSP Music Suite that has the ImTOO CD Ripper and ImTOO PSP Video Converter which is used for the downloading and playing of music and video files on the PSP. With this software, it is possible to convert files into either mp3 or mp4 files.

For PSP download music of mp3 files, you have to first connect the computer to the PSP using a USB cable. Make sure that the computer detects the new USB device connection. Then you have to check the My Computer icon where there should be another drive listed corresponding to the PSP. This drive is usually E or F. This drive has to be opened and a new folder created to be renamed to PSP.

This PSP folder has to be opened to create a new folder that is renamed MUSIC. With this done, you can transfer mp3 files on the computer by opening the MUSIC folder in the PSP drive and then copy pasting the desired mp3 files into the folder. Once this is done, you just have to remove the USB connection.

If you want to download CD songs to the PSP, the CD Ripper has to be installed to the computer. After this, the music CD has to be loaded on the CD drive. You will find an 'Extract and Encode' button on the CD ripper program which has to be clicked on. With this, it is possible to convert and transfer the songs from the CD to the PSP. However, before doing this, make sure that the right PSP format is selected.

When transferring music files from the iTunes to the PSP, the music has to be converted to an mp3 file as iTunes music is in mp4 format. Launching the PSP Video Converter program, the mp4 files you want converted have to be loaded by clicking the 'Add' button on the file menu. On selecting the files you want, they are displayed in the Converter program.

Highlighting these files and selecting PSP audio format as the output format is the next step. You then select the folder you want to save the converted files in. with this; you get mp3 files that have to be transferred to the PSP as mentioned above. With this done, you find that PSP download music is not as complicated as first envisioned! Author Resource:- GameDownloadsForPSP is an online PSP games portal with expert PSP articles and reviews. To discover secret undergound PSP resources and find out how to do amazing things with your PSP, visit for free sign-up of The Secret PSP eCourse.

The Emergence of Portable Media Players - iPod

iPod is a brand of portable media players that is designed and marketed by Apple and was launched on October 23, 2001. Since October 2004, iPod sales have dominated the market for digital music players in the United States.

Devices in the iPod range are primarily digital music players, designed around a central click wheel although the iPod shuffle has buttons only.

The full-sized model stores media on an internal hard drive, while the smaller iPod nano and iPod shuffle use flash memory. Like many digital audio players, iPods can also serve as external data storage devices.

In addition to playing music, iPods with display screens can display calendars, contact information, and text files, and play a limited range of video games. Models introduced in 2004 include the ability to display photos and the fifth-generation iPod, introduced in 2005, can additionally play video files. In January 2007, Apple announced the iPhone, combining the features of a video-capable iPod with integrated mobile phone and mobile internet capabilities.

Apples iTunes software is used for transferring music (as well as photos, videos, games, contacts and calendars, for models that support those features). As a free jukebox application, iTunes stores a comprehensive library of music on the users computer and can play, burn, and rip music from a CD. It can also sync photos and videos.

History and Design:

The iPod came from Apple digital hub strategy, as the company began creating software for the growing market of digital devices being purchased by consumers. While digital cameras, camcorders and organizers had well-established mainstream markets, the company found digital music players lacking in user interface design and decided to develop its own.

The name was proposed by Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter, who (with others) was called by Apple to figure out how to introduce the new player to the public. As soon as Chieco saw a prototype for the player he thought of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the phrase: "Open the pod bay door, Hal!", which refers to the white EVA Pods of the Discovery One spaceship. At that time "iPod" was a name that Apple registered for Internet kiosks, but never put to use.

Apple hardware engineering chief Jon Rubinstein assembled a team of engineers to design it, including Tony Fadell, Stan Ng and Jonathan Ive. Additionally, Sparkfactor Design has designed some of the iPod hardware from 2002-2004. They developed the product in less than a year and it was unveiled on October 23, 2001. CEO Steve Jobs announced it as a Mac-compatible product with a 5 GB hard drive that put "1000 songs in your pocket."

Uncharacteristically, Apple did not develop the iPods software entirely in-house. Instead, Apple began with PortalPlayer reference platform which was based on 2 ARM cores. The platform used rudimentary software running on a commercial microkernel embedded operating system. PortalPlayer had previously been working on an IBM-branded MP3 player with Bluetooth headphones. Apple contracted another company, Pixo, to help design and implement the user interface, under the direct supervision of Steve Jobs.

Once established, Apple continued to refine the software look and feel. Starting with the iPod mini, the Chicago font (once used on early Macintosh computers) was replaced with Espy Sans, which was originally used in eWorld and Copland. Later iPods switched fonts again to Podium Sans, a font similar to Apple corporate font Myriad. The iPods with color displays then adopted some Mac OS X themes like Aqua progress bars, as well as brushed metal in the lock interface.

User interface:

Apple focused its development on the iPod's unique user interface and its ease of use, rather than on technical capability. The iPod is currently the world's best-selling range of digital audio players and its worldwide mainstream adoption makes it one of the most popular consumer brands. Some of Apple's design choices and proprietary actions have, however, led to criticism and legal battles.

The iPods with color displays use high quality anti-aliased graphics and text, with sliding animations. These iPods have five buttons and the newer generations have the buttons integrated into the click wheel an innovation which gives an uncluttered, minimalistic interface.

The buttons are:

Menu to traverse backwards through the menus, and toggle the backlight on older iPods when held
Center to select a menu item
Play / Pause which doubles as an off switch when held
Fast Forward (When held)/ Skip Forward
Fast Reverse (When held)/ Skip Backwards

The operations such as scrolling through menu items and controlling the volume are performed by using the click wheel in a rotational manner. These iPods also have a Hold switch at the top, which prevents accidental button presses.

Newer iPods automatically pause playback when the headphones are unplugged from the headphone jack, but playback does not resume when the headphones are re-inserted.

However, in newer iPods (excluding iPod shuffles), when the headphones are re-inserted into the headphone jack when the iPod is asleep, the iPod will automatically wake up to the last screen viewed before going to sleep. An iPod that has crashed or frozen can be reset by switching 'Hold' on then off, then holding Menu and Center (Menu and Play on the 3G iPod) for 6 seconds.

The iPod shuffle does not use a click wheel and instead has five buttons positioned differently to the larger models. It has a Play / Pause button in the center, surrounded by four buttons: Volume Up / Down and Skip Forward / Backwards. This button arrangement is shared by the Apple Remote (which ships with all Apple computers with Front Row and the Universal Dock). Author Resource:- Cher K Markov articles on various subjects and has a treasure chest of information and resources on iPod Downloadsyou at and

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Music Software for Today's Generation

Music is the world recognized language. There are many components which add to the overall sound and feel of a piece of music. As you start learning the music, chords, enharmonic, time signatures, tempo’s, pitches, time duration, major and minor keys are some of the things we come across while composing the music.

Does only Musician can compose songs? Those days have gone. Now any one, even a layman in music can compose songs of his own. With no guide‘s help but just only with the aid of a music composing software, personal computer and creativity any one can compose music. With uniquely designed composing software’s like cake walk, FlexiMusic Composer, music genesis, any one can compose music of their own.

The cake walk software is suitable for people who are much familiar in music composing. It suits best for professionals to create music professionally .There are Cakewalk products available at varying costs. Cakewalk sells many third-party extras to help you make the most of your Cakewalk product, including audio effects, virtual instruments, audio loops, more.

On the other hand the software like FlexiMusic and music genesis is best suited for beginners in composing music.The FlexiMusic Composer is a multi-track program for composing, editing and mixing of music using sampled instrumental sounds. With this comprehend list of musical instruments and their corresponding files you can select any number of instruments to compose a song. Just with one sample of sound, various sounds can be created. Using this software, songs can be edited in three different cycles namely Step cycle, Bar cycle, Single/file voice. The FlexiMusic composer possesses many effects like volume, pan, trim height, echo, equalizer, copy, paste with which a quality song can be composed.

MusicGenesis lets anyone create music on their personal computer. It works by adding randomly-generated notes to a song and letting you decide whether to keep or delete each one. By keeping what you like and deleting what you don't like, you will quickly create a unique piece of music.

If you like music, you'll love the experience of creating songs of your own with ease and creativity. These software’s not only provides fun but also invites to the eternal world of music.

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More About Hepzibha: The author is a passionate internet user. He is fond of all kinds of music, more enthusiastic in learning and programming music related software. this site is one among the favorites of the author.

Wabash Musical Instruments – Your Instrument Of Choice

In this article we shall discuss wabash musical instruments.

There are many musical instruments to purchase in Wabash. Depending on your tastes, you may wish to browse around for the instrument of your choice. During our research, we have found out some Wabash musical instruments that were popular, and although they are known as expensive, can be purchased at low cost if you find the right places.

Let’s take a look at some of the instruments you may be interested in below:

Wabash musical instruments

We will discuss 4 instruments based on their popularity in the musical instrument industry relating to Wabash musical instruments. You may not be interested in these particular instruments; however, by looking around you can pick up these items on sale in Wabash. Such instruments would normally cost you big bucks by shopping offline.

Full Size Starter Drum Kit

You can pick up standard models of these instruments. If you look for the ones designed for home use rather than for actual gigging purposes, you will be able to pick up a bargain deal. These kits are ideal for the first time drummer who wants to get into drumming.

Digital Piano

The digital Piano is a great quality piano with a weighted hammer and an action keyboard. This type of piano can accomplish a wide range of sounds and notes.

Electric guitar and powered amplifier

These guitars feature superb sound and come with a fifteen watt powered amplifier. In such packs, you also get spare strings, guitar leads and straps. Normally, by looking around, you can also get a package deal that also contains a padded bag and an electric tuner.

Acoustic Guitar

These are really nice guitar with natural finishes, we highly recommend these guitar fo anyone interested in the guitar, for anyone interested in playing the guitar, or anyone who is savvy with the guitar.

High dual core extreme computer sound station

These computers are the best of their kind when it comes to audio performance. These computers are everything that a high spec audio workstation should be. With such a computer station, you can compile new music, re edit music, and really get in to making music.

Condenser Microphone

You can’t love music without a microphone. Of course, you may not want to sing, however, a song is not always complete with out some vocal. The condenser microphone is of extreme quality and is the ideal solution for a high quality microphone. These microphones are perfect for almost any recording situation. This summarizes our article on Wabash musical instruments.

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Mp3 Music Best Practices

MP3 Music as we know it now has been around since since 1991. Now over 15 years later has become the want of every child, teen & adult. Even my Dad has an MP3 player and spends time every week buying MP3 Music online to add to his player. Yes, he actually pays for it and why not, with all the controversy on freeware you can end up with a virus on your computer and hey, isn't that what we all want.

For me, it started with my son who wanted an iPod and to download iTunes music for it. Well it was expensive to say the least. So I went the route many others have gone. I purchased an MP3 player with half a gig of space for much cheaper. Excited to give this great deal to my son I decided to download music first and being of the same thinking of my father I didn't want to chance getting a virus so I downloaded the iTunes software and purchased about twenty dollars worth of music. Now, I was getting excited, I have great MP3 Music, a cool new MP3 player and some knowledge on file transfers considering I am a webmaster by trade.

To my surprise I kept getting an error and I could not get my new music to play. What I soon discovered was that my MP3 music was mpeg4 encrypted. All my excitement went away in that very moment. What I have now is a tool to listen to music that I have to download from programs that are not safe and have such controversy that I decided to take the MP3 player back.

Here is a great question, why would manufacturers make a music player that would encourage illegal downloads of music? I couldn't figure it out and still can't. Really, now the only other way to get the MP3 music I wanted was to either go bite the bullet and spend the money for and iPod or go buy CD music and convert it to mp3 music. The whole idea was I can buy just the song I wanted and not the whole album.

Well lets face it Apple has this market nailed down hard. You can find players that are compatible with mpeg4 but are just as expensive and after some great research I believe the iPod is the best player around. So my next thought process was as anyone else would think "refurbished iPod". Yes, this is a great idea and I know they are out there. Sure enough they were which made me feel a little better. Honestly, it is not worth spending all my hours trying to download music from other sources and not know what would happen and spend time converting music because I have better things to do with my time.

I am hoping this article about MP3 Music will help you understand best practices of downloading MP3 music so you can enjoy other things in life. Besides if you are like me with kids they don't have much patience for waiting around while we try and get them something so simple.

By: Darren Dunner

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DJ Equipments To Rock The Dance Floor

Do you know what is the key to becoming a successful DJ? Well it is the ability to produce great music mixes that bring the dance floor alive. And in order to create the right kind of music you have to invest in a range of advanced DJ equipments.

If you are just a beginner to the world of mixing and turntables, you are most likely awestruck by the well-established disc jockeys that have the ability to set the floor ablaze with their highly energetic music mixes. OK so you may not have the same range of talents as these DJs, but you can make up for your lack of experience or talent with the right kind of DJ equipments. Next time you visit a night club or disco, just make a trip backstage to check out the DJ equipments, and you will be amazed at the wide range of DJ equipments that are used to churn out those masterful mixes. Although, a novice in the field requires some time and practice on the turntable to somewhat master it, there are other DJ equipments that are not as difficult to learn. And as you advance as a DJ, these equipments will help you to create better music. As in any business you have to make some initial investment in this world of music mixing, as DJ equipments are the basic tools to give you a head start in this trade.

As a DJ, you can manipulate the equipments in a number of different ways. Not only can you rock the dance floor with beats and rhythms, you can also synchronize the music smoothly from one track to the next.

As a DJ, your goal is to make the crowd come to its feet and rock all through the night. At the same time you have to keep the energy level of the dance floor at a point that it can sustain over a longer stretch of time. You have to maintain a musical consistency throughout. As a DJ it is in your hand to keep the tempo alive without annoying a portion of the crowd.

To accomplish all these goals, DJs must be well versed in the advanced technological features of their DJ equipments. You need to be really familiar with your instruments like the back of your hands to use them to their fullest potential.

In the end, it is your skill as a DJ that will be appreciated by both the crowd uninitiated in the art of DJing, and also by those who do have some idea about the workings of a DJ. So make the best use of your DJ equipments and enjoy the wide appreciation from the audience for making them rock and roll throughout the night.

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Music Fans And The Internet Converge And Flourish

Virtually all established music artists maintain web sites – or their record company does it for them. Some use them as a personal connection for fans, by providing periodic blog entries. It’s a tool to sell a few CDs from past years, announce show dates and provide some connection for the fans. There are also hardcore fan sites, especially for veteran bands like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith, who have assembled twenty five or thirty years worth of fans. True also for musicians who have been gone for a long time; you can find many sites for Elvis and others for ground breaking rockers like Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly.

Many of the newer acts maintain web sites, but virtually all of the emerging musicians who are aggressive use multiple resources on the web. The biggest online phenomenon in the music business has been the emergence of MySpace and, to a lesser extent, other social networking sites such as Pandora and Pure Volume. For some bands, MySpace has supplanted the need for a personal website.

By the end of 2005 more than 600,000 bands were using MySpace to upload songs and videos, announce shows, promote albums and interact with fans. The reason? There are 50 million potential fans on MySpace, and many of them use the site to search for new music as well as established acts. MySpace has acted on the remarkable marriage of music, listeners and their web site by starting a record label.

Established acts like Nine Inch Nails and Madonna, Wheezer and Depeche Mode have previewed albums and videos on the site, prior to releasing them. MySpace Music is a prime convergence point for bands and fans. The lead singer for Dashboard Confessional believes that MySpace is what drove the band’s success, leading to their record contract.

What sets MySpace and similar sites such as Pure Volume apart from the web presence of established music powers like and is the inclusiveness inherent in a social networking site. All artists are welcome on MySpace, from Christian rockers to death metal thrashers. Also important is the format: everything on the site is linked to something else. Click on a user’s image and you’re sent to a profile featuring pictures, blogs, personal interests and links to cyber pals and bands. Keep clicking and you’re sent to more profiles and search results.

The regional rock act Coppermine out of Brooklyn is an example of the promotional power of MySpace. Jonathan Buck, guitarist and lead singer of the group says his band’s profile on MySpace has drawn nearly 300,000 visitors. The band can instantly distribute messages and news to more than 115,000 MySpace users who have added Coppermine as a “friend” on their profile. With that network in place, Coppermine no longer has to devote time and money to flooding radio stations with CDs or plastering concert posters around town.

Record labels understand that the Internet is the most effective promotional and communications device out there. Radio is more constrained; formats are fewer and the consolidation in the radio industry has reduced airplay to safe, established acts. When’s the last time you saw a video on MTV, or at least a complete one? The Internet and its social networking sites have become the source of choice for both music and music videos for millions of fans.

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Spanish Song Lyrics Online Archives Launched

As music in Spanish becomes an international standard rivalled only by English, and as more and more Spanish and Latin American singers and bands choose to combine Spanish and English as well as to modernize and internationalize their styles to attract the whole of the Western world, millions in non Spanish speaking countries have developed a taste and interest for Spanish language music.

This makes them want to know the text of the Spanish songs they like, even if their Spanish is not so good. In fact, this whole development has resulted into a renewed interest to learn Spanish, as it is noe clearly perceived as the second most important language in the world. But even those who know very little Spanish wish to know more about the singers they like and the lyrics of the songs they love.

For the first time ever a great publishing effort has been conducted to gather thousands of top Spanish language songs. This is how the Spanish Song Lyrics ( site has been born. Carefully chosen by music experts, the songs included in this archive appeal to all ages and tastes. Spanish linguists have reviewed the way the texts have been treated, while the interface and general informations are in English and targeted at an international audience of music lovers who wish to know more about their Spanish and Latin American idols.

The Spanish Song Lyrics online archive contains already over five thousand song lyrics, from oldies to the latest hits and from Spanish and Latin American floklore to the newest pop, rock, house and rap music in Spanish. From flamenco, cumbia, merengue, bachata or corrido lyrics to the most vibrant hard rock bands and romantic soloists or bands, the Spanish Song Lyrics has it all. The site also caters for its non English speakers as the main explanations are also available in four other languages.

Frequently updated with the best of Spanish songs, this online archive has been welcome by the online community, who have already produced a large traffic and a permanent flow of further song lyrics requests and comments. The Spanish Song Lyrics site is a proof of the increasing importance of Spanish language and culture around the world.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Role of music in relieving stress

Life today is full of stress and anxiety and especially in metropolitan cities situation is the worst. No need to explain, you can easily analyze when you are in hurry to reach the office thinking of some of your personal tensions and then the whole day hectic schedule where there is no time to relax and release your stress. On top of all, there is noise pollution, air pollution leading to a whole distress and discomfort.

Music is a great way to relive your day to day stress and is also used for therapeutic purposes. Even researches have proved that music's ubiquity and portability has made it the number one stress buster. It is a matter of fact that everyone on this earth has an inclination towards listening good quality music.

The passion for music differs as per genre whereby youngsters mostly love fast and groovy numbers. People of the older times love classical music whereas kids like rhymes and children music. Not only this, many are attracted to listen natural sounds such as chirping of birds, water falling from the mountains and religious chants.

It may be any form of music but when you sit down for a moment, close down your eyes to listen, your heart rate and breathing slows down with your thoughts. As you get tuned to the music you get free of all the worries and concerns of the outer world and an inner journey begins. Within a couple of minutes, you will find yourself refreshed and renewed as if the sound has washed you and cleaned. You just need to have a CD player and a quality CD and some leisure time for this wonderful experience.

Many people even find pleasure and refreshed by playing music. It depends upon the individual as to which form of musical instrument he is able to play. Playing music in a routine brings comfort and joy that is immeasurable. It may be a piano or guitar but when you touch its keys or strings it contributes to a calming ritual allowing one to relax and unwind.


How to Photograph Your Music Box

Many antique and music box lovers enjoy collecting musical jewelry boxes, carousel music boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, and other musical gifts. There are some music box and antique collectors who are interested in photographing their boxes. Reasons to take pictures include desiring to preserve details of musical pieces, which collectors have had, and as a way to exchange information with others who are interested. Also, if one has a very valuable and expensive collection, photographs might be needed for insurance purposes (think natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina). That said; let's look into how to photograph a music box.

Since many cameras today are of very good quality and can do most of the work, collectors might think it is quite easy to take a photograph with little probability of making a mistake. The truth is, there is still some necessary steps to take to avoid mistakes. For example, one step to remember is to take picture in a bright and even natural light; flash can be used to "fill in" for a dark side.

If one desires a professional effect, music boxes can be set up on tables covered with a white or a neutral colored sheet that is draped over the table. One might also want to pin up the sheet on the wall behind the table, as this will remove extraneous details of objects behind the box. To illuminate the box, place a large sheet of white paper vertical on each side of the table a few feet from the box. Shining a bright light at the paper is what causes the music box to look illuminated.

It is also important to plan for your picture. Take a few pictures to see what they look like. Carefully frame the picture in the viewfinder and look at the corners to make sure you have what you want. Also, take your time and avoid a common mistake of not remembering where the center of the picture is.

For the music box and antique collector who take video pictures, avoid tinkling with the camcorder while the music box is playing. This can impact the recoding. Minimum movement and camera effect is necessary. Avoid a running commentary as well and don?t zoon in and out on every shot.

Follow these suggestions whether you have antique music boxes, inlaid music boxes, musical jewelry boxes, carousel music boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, or any other type of music box and be well on your way to creating some really great music box photographs.


LG U400: Music and fun on the move

The recent launch of LG U400 in the UK on Three network gave a new option to the mobile user to experience music and other high-end Smartphone features. As far as the phone design is concerned, the handset is very slim with musically inclined powerhouse to experience quality sound on the move. The LG U400 is a slider phone with d-pad controller that can also be used as a scroll wheel for easy navigation of handset's menus and music tracks of your choice.

As the handset is enriched with music features, users can easily scroll the wheel to find their favourite music tracks. Otherwise, with built-in music shortcut keys, users can select songs without opening the phone. In addition to that the built-in music player allows user to search music through music library by genre, artist or, title.

The phone features are further enhanced by the large 2 inch 320 x 240 pixel TFT colour display. Apart from music, the LG U400 also comes with mobile Internet, browse the Web and keep you abreast of the latest news and information, view your favourite music videos on the large screen. Stereo Bluetooth and in-built speakers further make it easier to enjoy music tracks as well as to pick up your calls while on the move.

Now with LG U400, users can compose their own music tunes by the on-board scroll wheel. Additional effects can also be created in the music tunes. LG has a partnership with DJ experts DMC that offers scratch contents and tutorials to help users to compose tune by themselves. With melody composer application that provides 2 modes, 31 styles, 10 instruments, and 5 tempos – users can create various tunes and ring tones. The handset comes with microSD cards that further increases the memory space for more downloading of music tracks, videos and photos.

With tri-band network, the LG U400 can be used for video calling. The handset has a dimension of 100mm x 48mm x 20mm and it weighs 114g. In addition to the above features, the U400 comes with all the Smartphone features to bring a smile on the users face.