Thursday, March 1, 2007

Free Music Download Programs - The New World of Music Sharing

Are you a music freak? Do you wish to have all the latest releases from all your favorite singers and bands in your collection as soon as they are released, but sadly can't afford to do so? Going let's say 20 year back, this was a complete impossibility. If you wanted recorded music you had to go to the music store and purchase it, whether it was on a CD or a vinyl recording. Today things have radically, because the solution to all your woes is available on the internet. Welcome to the world of free music download programs!

The internet has changed forever the way music is listened to and distributed. While earlier it took days for a newly released song or album to get into the hands of the end-user music listener, the internet now makes this process almost instantaneous. Gone are the days when music lovers had to make repeated visits to the music shop before they could lay hands on a copy of their favorite album. Now they can simple log on to the internet and receive free music downloads to their pc.

With the digitalization of music and increasing use of the internet, latest music is available for download within a matter of hours. A Madonna fan in Singapore does not need to look further than his internet connected pc to be able to listen to and download the latest single of Madonna on the same day it is released in New York.

The biggest revolution in music distribution has come through the numerous free music download programs that are available on the internet today. Some examples include Blubster, Napster, LimeWire, Morpheus, etc. - the list is virtually endless. Each of these programs work on the P2P file sharing principle under which, any two users of this program can share and download music files from the opposite users pc.

What this effectively means is that a user in Scotland who has just acquired the latest album of say Britney Spears can then copy the songs to his/her pc and via a free download music program, make it available to other users of the same program anywhere across the world. There are no charges to be received or paid for such file sharing.

There are several sites that provide direct links and comprehensive information regarding free music download programs as well as free music downloads to pc. All you have to do is type in a keyword phrase on a search engine and in matter of seconds you have a huge list of music download websites. Just log in to find your favorite music instantly!

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