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Keith Urban Tickets - Country Music With A “down-under” Flavor

For more than 15 years, Keith Urban tickets have been growing in popularity, and much to the excitement of his millions of loyal fans, Urban is hitting the road once again. Urban’s style is completely unique within the country music genre, as he is one of the rare non-Americans who has captured the sound and soul of true American country with his transcendent talent. A look at Urban’s life and rise in the industry will help explain how he has achieved such a lofty status.

Early Life

Keith Lionel Urban was born in Whangarei, New Zealand on October 26, 1967, and almost from birth, he was drawn to music in general and American country music in particular. Urban began to study music intensely by the time he was six, and when he had reached the age of eight, he had already strung together a series of victories in local singing and musical contests.

Urban formed a band thereafter and by the age of 12, he was performing regularly in local clubs. He became an instant local sensation, and by the time he was a teenager, Keith Urban tickets were a hot item. It was at that age that Urban decided to quit school and concentrate on his musical career.

Burgeoning Success

Urban continued to make a name for himself by working the club scene, and in 1990 he signed his first record deal. His initial Australian release included four number one hits, and as a result of this success he decided to move his center of operations to the pinnacle of the country music market - Nashville.

After releasing one album with a band called The Ranch in 1997 with much success, Urban’s career was almost derailed before his solo career even started. Urban became addicted to cocaine, and it became such a problem that he ultimately checked into a Nashville rehab center to get past this serious addiction.

Urban did manage to kick his problem for a time, and upon completion of his rehabilitation, he released his self-titled American debut. This album contained three top 5 hits and established Urban as a name to be recognized on the country music scene.

Since then, Urban has released five subsequent albums, and all of them have enjoyed enormous artistic and commercial success. He has gone through another battle with addiction, but once again got past it, and is continuing to write and perform at a level that’s rarely been seen in the past.

Overall, Urban is known most for his guitar skills and his energetic and lively concert performances. If you want to see true talent on display, Keith Urban tickets will provide you with a night of skill and passion on the stage.

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