Thursday, November 30, 2006

Music a soothing balm for tired brain and soul

Music is a form of human expression relayed using various pattern of sound or tones and sil -ence in terms of pitch,rythm and is created by playing instrument or using vocals to manipulate and transform the emotion of listeners.there was several controversy regarding the definition of music but by all accounts there is no single and intercultural concept defining music.

The history of music begins much earlier than the written documents and is still stringed with the development of each human culture.although the earliest records of musical expressi -on are to be found in the Sama Veda of India and in 4000 years
old cuneiform from Ur.most of our written records and studies deal with the history of music in Western Civilisation that includes different stages of musical period from medieval to 20th century era music.the history of music has been recorded in few.

Popular style of music changes from time to time. it also varies from culture to different time different culture emphasised different instruments or techniques to make their
music more mesmerising.New trends of music are coming up in the market which is sure to drag anyone to dance of different countries or culture are being fuse succesfully giving rise to a different melodious of such kind is US 'bluegrass' style which contains elements from Anglo-Irish, Scottish,Irish,German and some African-American instrument and vocal traditions.Music is composed and performed for many purposes by the musician .it may be used for
entertainment, ceremonial,aesthetic and extensively for propaganda.Based on the musical proffession musicians are of two types,Amateur musicians and Proffessional musicians.Amateur
musicans compose and perform music for their own pleasure.for the proffessionals it is an income derived motivation seeking contracts and engagements.

Performing music is an enjoyable activity both for the musician and the listener rejuvinating their mind and,it could be said that music brings soothing effects to tired brain and aching soul.