Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just For Kids

Music is the essence of life and every one is in touch with this beautiful gift given to mankind. Even children also love to play music and enjoy it when they get a chance to do so. Now is the time to expose kids to the wonders of music. For this, you do not require various expensive musical instruments but children can create their own music at your home just with music software on your PC.

FlexiMusic music Software Company has programmed unique software especially for kids namely FlexiMusic Kids Composer. This unique music software allows kids to listen and play with musical pieces. Children learn to differentiate musical instruments and develop skills in memory, logical thinking, sound differentiation and musical vocabulary. They can play, identify and learn the different sounds generated by the musical instruments. They learn all about melodies, rhythm and more on an exciting adventure through this software. Several activities challenge kids to match sound to instruments.

FlexiMusic Kids Composer has separate panels namely “Beats" and "Stars", one can select the instruments of choice from” Beats” and tunes from” Stars “panel. With features like "Paint" brush, and "Erase" tool kids can create music of their own. It has tracks of two colors (blue and pink). Blue track is for composing music and pink is for singing and recording. A tempo panel is in use to control the speed of the song. As the tempo slider is moved the percentage of speed and the duration of the song are displayed.

Kids can record their own vocals, sing and compose music using the special feature “Audio recording”. A new window for singing and recording pops out with a simple click on the “Sing and Record’’ button in the main window. Once the recording is set on the red bar shows the recording level by moving up and down and the progress of recording duration is indicated by the blue bar. The whole process of recording is indicated by an animated bird which is sucking nectar and flapping its wings. As soon as the recording gets completed click “finish recording” button to stop the recording. An option to edit recording is available which is used to modify the recorded song by either making changes in volume or by deleting unwanted sounds.

As an offer, another program namely Kids Music World comes along with FlexiMusic Kids Composer. This software can be obtained on shareware basis and available for free trial. To put in a nut shell, this musical software gives kids a Jump Start on music.